Ballack reveals details concerning his captaincy issues with Lahm

On May 20 of 2017, Philip Lahm made his final appearance in a competitive match as a player of Bayern Munich as the German performer decided to retire.

After the 33 year old footballer decided to hang up his boots, he has been receiving praise from just about any player and manager in the world of football.

 It’s hard to argue against the fact that Philip Lahm has been one of the best players to have performed for Germany and Bayern Munich in recent times. He has not only captained at club level with Munich but also at the international stage with Germany.

Lahm has lifted the 2014 edition of the FIFA World Cup as well as the Bundesliga silverware on 8 occasions as well as many other trophies.

 Despite all of these accomplishments and even though Philip Lahm has earned wide acclaim from many football figures, the former Germany international Michael Ballack does not have a healthy relationship with the recent retiree.

 During the 2010 edition of the FIFA World Cup, Michael Ballack had to give away his captaincy armband due to an injury and Philip Lahm was the player who took over as the captain but when Ballack recovered from his injury, it’s believed that Lahm did not want return the captain armband to Michael Ballack.

 ‘’ I got to know Lahm’s other face. I didn’t know that a player who takes on the role of captain doesn’t have to give it back afterwards. That was a frontal attack. I never made the step back to the national team after that incident. I had no chance to do anything against it. The way it took place was absolutely not okay’’ Michael Ballack said.

 Michael Ballack feels that Philip Lahm is not a true captain due to his decision of not returning the armband after Ballack was healthy and fit. In spite of all the recognition that Philip Lahm has been receiving recently, Michael Ballack stated that he got to see the other face of the Bayern Munich icon.