Michael Ballack has said that he didn’t have a good relationship with either Jupp Heynckes or Robin Dutt during his second tenure at Bayer Leverkusen.

Ballack had joined Leverkusen for the second time in 2010. He was released by the club after the competition of his contract in 2012. During his two years tenure, Ballack played under the guidance of two managers i.e. Heynckes and Dutt. But, he has revealed that he had issues with both of them which were never sorted out.

Ballack’s first tenure for Leverkusen was between 1999 and 2002. His first tenure was a successful one. During that tenure, he played 79 matches for the club and scored 27 goals.

But, Ballack’s record during his second spell wasn’t great. He featured for Leverkusen in 35 matches and scored only two goals.

After being released by Leverkusen in 2012, Ballack decided to retire from football. However, MLS and Australian A League clubs were interested in signing him, but, the German midfielder decided not to extend his career anymore and hung his boots.

When asked about his relationship with Heynckes and Dutt, Ballack said, “My relationship with both of them wasn’t that good. Heynckes had issues with me right from the start. It seemed that he just didn’t want me in the Leverkusen camp.”

“As far as Dutt is concerned, there was a huge difference in his opinion and my opinion. But, he always accepted that in front of the media. He never tried to keep the media away from dispute.”

When asked about his life after retirement, he said, “It’s a bit different. Now, I have lot more leisure time. Now, I have time for my family members and my friends. But, I miss my playing days a lot.”

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