Michael Ballack presently plays for Bayer Leverkusen club. In his recent interview, he has said that he is planning to leave his club after the end of the season of 2012. Ballack was bought by this particular club from Chelsea during the transfer season of 2010.

Ballack signed the contract which was valid for two years. So, the contract will be ending at the end of this year’s season. The fans and followers of this club want this German mid fielder to extend his contract and stay back in this club. But, Ballack does not want to stay in this club any more. He explains that he always had a plan to move out of this club after the end of two year’s contract.

The club officials said that after Michael Ballack was brought to this club, they have witnessed a drastic change in the popularity of the club. Even the club has been performing very well since the last eighteen months. The officials do not want this player to move away from this club.

At present the Club is challenging the big teams of Germany. They are only three points behind the famous club of Germany, which is none other than Bayern Munich. So, it is quite clear that the club is not far away from winning the title. The fans also believe that the presence of star players like Ballack is very helpful for the less popular teams. He acts like a motivation to the team and even the young players get to learn from an experienced player.

Michael Ballack said that he is happy to see his club performing well in the matches. Even he dreams of lifting the title. This year, the club has done well in Champions League. At present his age is thirty five and he said that he is not going to retire from the game.

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